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Content is always the king in Digital marketing. Writing high-quality content is not an easy task. Every content writer invests a good amount of time in writing content. But when it comes to high-quality SEO friendly content, it requires double the time and effort. After all, content is king and plays an important role in SEO. If any website has quality content on pages, it can get out of the box results. It is always good for a webmaster to focus on generating SEO friendly content for the website.

Pro Tip: Webmasters can develop interesting web content by adding lesser-known facts and lesser-known information which can drives curiosity between visitors and can help in developing better engagement. Higher better engagement on pages helps webmasters to achieve positive results in website ranking. Apart from generating curiosity and reading interest, you can focus on a few SEO techniques to get better results.

All you need to do is keep a few parameters in your mind while working on generating content for better SEO results. A lot of amazing content writers struggle with SEO techniques. Today I am going to share some key points which can help you to understand what is SEO Friendly content and how can you generate such content for your web pages. Few basic steps could help you to stand out from the crowd.

Writing SEO Friendly Articles

We all know that content is information that we write on a website or blog to inform visitors about a product or service. Content is considered one of the most important factors when it comes to SEO results. If we work on content, we can attract more and more effort on our web platforms. SEO Friendly content is a type of content that can serve users and search engines at the same time. It helps users and search engines to easily understand the content. Each web manager includes basic options for converting regular content into search engine friendly content.

but the question is, what can be done to convert regular content into search engine friendly content? Today we will learn about this and try to understand the key aspects of creating quality SEO-friendly content.

Original Content

Always focus on creating original content when writing for your site’s product or services. It is highly discouraged to copy content from different sources. If you generate original quality content, it will give you better results than copied content. Search engine crawlers will give you preference if you are writing original content for your site or blog. Search engines don’t have fixed parameters yet, but you can keep 92% of the content original on your web pages. You can take inspiration from different sources and write it in your own words. But never copy exactly the same words from sources and the past as on your web pages. However, providing credit or quoting a source would be another good option when drawing inspiration from any other source. You can also add a source to your content if you’ve written informative content.

Avoid Over Optimizing

The bulk of SEO is covered in keywords, headings, and headings in content. But don’t overdo it in optimizing your content. Always write for your visitors, not just search engines. Don’t overdo it or fill your article paragraphs with keywords. Maintain the quality of the information in the article, and do not enter unnecessary keywords into it. If you want to use a specific keyword, use it wisely and present it as a useful word in your content.

Maintain the keyword density

Keyword density is the percentage of keywords contained in the total number of indexed words in the content of a web page. Maintain the ratio and quality of your articles. Don’t get confused between keyword density and keyword closeness. Both are different from each other.

Avoid Duplicate content

Duplicate content is strongly discouraged in any situation, especially when you’re trying to write SEO-friendly content. Duplicate content is when we post exactly the same content on our pages that we have collected from various sources. For example, I wrote an article about content optimization in SEO, I will not copy content from my previous article and use it in future information. Instead, I will write original content and share relevant information.

Search bots are smart enough to understand the difference between original content and copied content. They can easily determine if the information has already been used on some other internet platform or not, so you should always keep this in mind. Focus on original content for better results. Quality is an important factor in writing SEO friendly articles.

Create a clean link structure

Create a clean link structure that easily captures the essence of your content. This is a common but effective practice. In most cases, users could understand the content simply by reading only the URL. The same goes for search engines. The link structure should be simple for both site visitors and search engines. If the search engine crawlers can easily understand the content, they will index it faster and give better search engine results. As you could see, the link structure represents accurate information about the article. It is very easy to understand the topic of the article by reading only the URL.

Keep the Interest

Try to write articles that can spark curiosity among users. You can put interesting facts, information, or something new to read. Also adding some case studies will help you too. Reading uninteresting information is monotonous. This can increase your bounce rate. Bounce rate is an important SEO factor, so you can’t ignore it. This would be another challenge for you to reduce your bounce rate. but you can avoid this in the first place.

Pro Tip: Adding lesser-known facts or using words like “Do you know” can help you deal with monotony.

Use the LSI keyword method in content

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. This is the method that search engines, including Google, use to study and compare the relationships between different terms and concepts. These keywords can be used to improve SEO traffic and improve visibility and rankings in search results. For example, if I write an informative blog about search engine optimization (SEO), I will try to use related keywords such as SEO Tips, Search Engine Optimization Tricks, Digital Marketing, and Online Marketing. These are LSI keywords for blog SEO.

Using long keywords

Long keywords are key players in creating SEO friendly content. It helps users and search engines to understand the content and easily associate it with a specific category. For example, I am an SEO strategist and have a workplace where I provide SEO services. I will try to add keywords that will define my job category along with services and products such as Best SEO Services, Best SEO Consultants in India, Best SEO Service Providers in India, Best SEO Services Available prices “. and “SEO Consultants Near Me”. If you read these keywords carefully, you will see that each long-tail keyword is based on keywords that represent my company.

Pro Tip: You might also consider using Power Words in your content information. Using the Power Word method is different from the LSI method. To better understand a Power Words user, you can visit Innovative Ways to get more traffic to your site for free.

Remember Guide

When applying these many techniques, you should not over-optimize or ignore the content recommendations determined by search engines. If you follow the correct search engine rules, you will get amazing results. You can check Google’s recommendations by visiting Prohibited and Restricted Content to help you understand the content guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions – SEO Friendly Content

Why do we need SEO friendly content?

We need SEO content on web pages to deliver better content to both search engine and site visitors. This is a good way to get search engines to understand web content. Pro Tip: Never use article spinners and content should be at least 92% original. Take inspiration, but don’t copy content from other websites / portals.

How Do I Write SEO Friendly Content?

There are basic steps you can remember when creating SEO Friendly steps.

Using headings and subheadings to highlight headings of content. You can repeat the title. For example, you can use multiple H2 and H3 in an article.

Add internal and links for reference. Let the visitor know the source of the content where it is needed.
The length of the content is important, so keep the length appropriate.

Keyword Use: Use keywords wisely in your content. Don’t overload the article / information with keywords only. Use this to point out information.

Insert relevant images into your content. Be sure to only use original images. Do not copy images from other internet sources. Original images have SEO value.
Focus on quality over quantity. The length of the content should be good, but it should match your content. Don’t write anything just for the sake of a letter. Write content that can only represent your article.

Is there an SEO content generation tool?

It is strongly discouraged to use any kind of content generation tool. Focus on quality when creating any type of content. This can be regular content or SEO content. Never use any content creation tool.

What makes SEO content different from regular content?

SEO content is a type of content that is compatible with both users and search engines. Both can understand this easily and can give you a positive outcome. The main difference between regular content and SEO content is in the elements of SEO and optimization.


Using the right parameters and creating original content will be the best solution. It will always help you write SEO friendly content. The basic rule of content creation is to maintain interest between users. You cannot keep users on your website or blog unless the information is interesting or relevant to your audience type.

Don’t forget to share your valuable suggestions for this information. Comment below your review and add more tips to the list so we can get better information on SEO friendly content writing tips.

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